Huon Pine Wand


For lovers of all things magical: a unique hand made wand, created from iconic Huon Pine, with an invisible heart of Thylacine fur, beautifully presented in a wand box lined with alpaca fleece.

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Put a little magic into your life! Created from iconic Tasmanian Huon Pine, with a heart of invisible Thylacine fur, each unique wand nestles in its own presentation box lined with a bed of alpaca fleece (to help stabilise the magic, of course!).  Excellent as gifts, particularly for those addicted to the world of Hogwarts and all things magical – I’m sure there’s a wand just waiting for you! 

Wand timber: Huon Pine

Length: approx 25.5 cm

Presentation box: strong black cardboard

Lining: Tasmanian alpaca fleece