Organic Bird Nester


The perfect gift for bird lovers and gardeners! Watch with delight as birds line their nests with soft alpaca fleece and downy feathers from this well-stocked pine cone bird nester. 

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Invite birds to nest in your garden by providing them with the best of materials. Our pine cone bird nester is well-stocked with beautiful organic materials perfect for lining nests, including alpaca fleece and feathers. Each organic bird nester is presented in a window gift box, complete with instructions and a small bag of replacement alpaca fleece. A simple string hanger is already attached to the nester. 

An excellent gift for garden lovers and bird enthusiasts. 


Nester: pine cone (various sizes)

Materials: alpaca fleece, poultry feathers and some soft foliage.

Replacement: small bag of alpaca fleece

Instruction leaflet: noting the best materials to use and those to avoid. 

Hanger: white nylon cord (we tried organic string, but it tends to break).

Presentation box: white cardboard with window

Made: Yimarra Farm, Tasmania