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Edible Flowers & Produce

We have recently expanded our delicious garden to include a gorgeous range of food-registered chemical-free edible flowers.

Visit the farm to pick up a small box of stunning flowers to make your culinary skills become legendary!

Edible flowers can feature in breakfasts, salads, main meals and sweets. No idea where to start?

No problem - take a few free recipes home with you as well.

...And just to inspire you, here are some recent creations from some of our customers...


Yimarra Farm sells mixed 20g punnets of freshly picked edible flowers, or you can specify the particular flower or colour type you need. We have yarrow, pansies, violas, calendula, fuchsias, dianthus, nasturtium, alyssum, lavender and snapdragon, just to name a few.

There are between 30 - 50 flowers per punnet, depending on flower size. Shelf life of 7-10 days if refrigerated.

Pick up from the farm for $10. We also deliver within 35 km for an extra $10.


Our small but plentiful orchard provides us with amazing cherries and blueberries, which have sold out already. We have rhubarb, cucumber and button squashes for sale at the moment. Passionfruits are nearly ready!